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    Risk Assessment

     Minimizing cyber risk to your organization is complex and includes many moving parts. There is no 'one solution fits all'. We will perform an In-depth cyber analysis of a specific system or the entire organization, including technical and architectural aspects, the operational processes and the broader IT/ OT ecosystem in which it operates. We will assess your risks and tailor, accordingly, a cyber mitigation suite that suits your organization with its unique IT environment, business process, and relevant threats. We will provide a roadmap consists of solutions, methodologies, and policies that will enable your business to extract its potential without risking it unnecessarily.

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    Threat Analysis

    Performing a detailed, system and sub-system threat analyses to determine the reference-line of threat and relevant attack surface of a system/ facility.

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    Threat scenarios

    Determining the attack scenarios which a system or the entire organization should be protected from. This phase is very important to determine the security requirements of a system/ organization. Relevant examples could be - can a potential adversary generate a denial-of-service on the air traffic control system? Cause blindness to the air traffic controllers? Feed false information to approaching aircraft?

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    Security requirements

    Are you concerned that a product you've built, a system you're using or your IT environment is vulnerable to cyber attack or manipulation? Whether it is an IOT device, a communication network or a new weapon system, we will conduct thorough research for vulnerabilities and recommend changes to the design, software patches, or appropriate policies to eliminate the associated cyber risk to your product or system.

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    Red Team Penetration testing

    Testing the cybersecurity defense mechanisms of a system or organization to validate that the security requirements were implemented correctly, operated correctly and can protect what they were supposed to.

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    Designing a tailor-made security suite

    Technological aspects: system architecture, defense mechanisms, and technical tools for authentication, detection, prevention, back-up, cryptography and mitigation. Organizational aspects: strategies, policies and work processes of defenders and other influential stakeholders.  We are tech-agnostic, which means that we can provide an objective recommendation based on the best products available on the market that could be the best fit for the client's security requirements. If for any reason a proprietary solution is required by the client we can develop one.

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    SOC solutions

    Many attacks are discovered but not handled well by the SOC (“the Target attack” for example). The human factor is almost always the weakest link in the chain. We provide a “SOC overhaul” from the technical level - upgrades and enhancements, to procedures and training - workshops, simulations, and exercises.

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    Training & War Games

    Responding well and promptly to a cyber attack is many cases, a matter of experience. We are providing high-quality training and building core-competencies (may include real-world force-on-force exercise against our red teams or in a cyber simulator). We provide further training for the management level and perform tabletop exercises for the executive level. We will create and run the scenarios relevant to your organization, relying on real use cases from your industry. On the way your executive team will learn to work as a group facing a complex, unfamiliar event and improve your capacity to provide the leadership required, should a cyber event happen.

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    Incident response

    Usually SOC operators can perform low-level forensics and mitigation of security events. We can provide top-level cyber experts to take care of level 3 and 4 events and have a response team ready to help the organization remotely or on-premise to mitigate an attack and maintain business continuity.

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    Auditing and regular operational checks

    We make sure that cyber worthiness is maintained according to your industry standards and to your organization's policy and that security mechanisms operate as they are supposed to.

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    CISO as a service

    It takes a lot of time and experience to be a good CISO and many organizations lack one. We offer our help as a  CISO as a service or mentoring to CISOs who need experienced experts to advise them on a regular basis. 

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    Due Diligence

    Are you a VC or a private investor in need to evaluate the potential of a cyber startup to make an investment decision? Are you a corporation in need to evaluate the cyber risk of a company during an M&A deal? If you lack the cyber knowhow for that, let us help you. We will examine a startup's technology and potential or a company's exposure to cyber risk and provide you with the information you need to make the right decision.

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    A powerhouse of innovative solutions

    Every organization has its own unique needs. We are 'technology agnostic' which means we will provide the best 'off the shelf ' solution to fit your needs. However, not always a solution is out there, ready for use. With over 60 years of experience in cyber and cryptology on both defense and offense, we can design and develop proprietary solutions tailored to your specific needs to give you a headstart in your mission.

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    Strategic cyber consulting

    Cyber mitigation is more about leadership than any other thing. If you need to plan and build the right mechanisms, policies, regulations, formal institutions and make them act together, we can help. In the last three decades, we've witnessed numerous examples of great, but also poor, cyber plans and executions from a state's level to the organizational level. Skip the trial and error phase and let us help in positioning your organization ahead of the threats.