At Resilience Cyber Security, we understand that you have a mission to accomplish. Your mission is challenging, even without considering cybersecurity risks. Whether a corporation, a government office or a non-profit, you need to focus on your mission in order to succeed. We are here to help you focus on your mission, while effectively mitigating the cybersecurity risk. We can help you get the solutions you really need for the threats relevant to your mission.


Let us assist you with the parts your business lacks the expertise you need:

  • Developing and deploying organizational cyber strategies

  • Assessment of cyber strategies, policies, architecture, and technology

  • Risk assessment from the organizational to the technical level

  • Pen testing your systems and IT posture

  • Mitigation: from plans to deployment

  • Technology: Innovative cyber and crypto solutions to unique challenges

  • Cyber due diligence and cyber compliance

  • Training and preparing your team for a cyber incident

  • Tailoring a cyber solution to a proprietary system or product

  • Regulation: helping to understand, comply & audit



Resilience  Cyber Security is a boutique cyber firm with an exclusive network of highly professional experts in cyber, crypto and blockchain technologies which serves clients who need tailored services, innovative solutions, and high confidentiality, across industries. Our team of senior cyber experts, with accumulative cyber experience of many decades in both defense and offense, both in technical and leadership roles, is ready to help you not only surviving but thriving into the future. Give us a call to set up your first consultation.


Tel Aviv, Israel


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