Resilience Cyber Security is a boutique company founded and managed by senior cyber experts, all former commanders in the IDF leading technology units. Our group of experts has led, both in the military and civilian worlds, teams and projects in the cybersecurity domain with an accumulative experience of many decades in cyber defense and offense. We have a vast network of highly capable cyber and crypto professionals and partnerships with security companies that provide complementary services in homeland security and business continuity. Thus, we can provide our clients with a holistic approach to their security challenges.

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Managing partner & Co-founder

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Rubi Arbel is a cyber expert, formerly a senior commander in the Israel Defense Forces' technology units. With over two decades in the IDF, Rubi has extensive experience in the design and execution of large-scale cyber projects, across all major cyber disciplines and technologies, some of which won Israel's highest rewards for innovation and technological achievements.

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Managing partner & Co-founder

Lieutenant Colonel  (Ret.) Guy Chernobrov is a cyber security and system engineering expert with more than two decades of experience in IDFs elite technology units. Guy has extensive experience as a system security architect for large scale infrastructure projects. He brings special expertise in providing tailor-made cybersecurity solutions for mission-critical projects such as IT infrastructure and backbone networks, SATCOM systems, border security systems.

Guy led large development teams, receiving the highest awards in recognition of their operational value.


Managing partner & Co-founder

Lieutenant Colonel  (Ret.) Daniel Nebenzahl is a cyber research expert and a technical leader in cyber security and systems assurance. Daniel has a deep technical understanding of cyber threats and protective technologies. Daniel has a vast experience in organizational aspects and business processes of cyber organizations and their role in improving cyber resilience. Daniel led a multidisciplinary cyber research group, innovating and developing cutting edge cyber security solutions.